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Professional Negligence

Solicitors and others involved in the preparation of Wills and administration of Estates can commit acts of negligence in numerous ways. We can advise you of your rights to seek compensation if the legal advisor failed in any of the following areas:

  • To check that the testator had testamentary capacity to make the Will.
  • To prepare the Will promptly before the proposed testator died prior to the Will being executed.
  • To check that the instructions for the Will came directly from the testator.
  • To check that the instructions conformed to the testator’s intentions.
  • To give full and proper instructions to the testator as to how the Will should be signed or, if appropriate, failed to make arrangements to visit the testator when they signed their Will to make sure that it was properly completed and conformed to the testator’s intentions.
  • Continued to act when there was a conflict of interest.

If you believe that you have suffered loss due to the negligence of the person who was instructed to prepare the Will of a relative contact us.

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