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Hayes Solicitors Limited > Improper lifetime transfer of a family asset

suburbanhomeWhat is an improper lifetime transfer of a family asset?

An elderly and infirmed person may need residential care and pressure may be applied upon them to transfer the family home or other assets before they go into full-time care. This may be done for example to avoid liability to Inheritance Tax or long term care costs.

Such transfers may be acceptable provided the person making the transfer does so of their own free will and volition. If the transfer is made without the person exercising their own free will, or in cases where there is presumed undue influence then the transfer may be set aside.

If you need advice on:-

  • How to properly make a lifetime transfer of a family asset.
  • How to reduce long-term care costs or inheritance tax by way of a Will or a  trust.
  • How to contest an improper lifetime transfer.

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