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Disputed probate

We can advise in relation to disputes concerning:-

  • the validity of lifetime transfers of assets;
  • the testamentary capacity of the person making the Will (the “Testator”);
  • whether the Testator knew and understood the contents of their Will;
  • cases where undue influence is concerned;
  • cases of suspected fraud, such as when the Testator’s signature to a Will has been forged;
  • question the validity of a lifetime transfer;
  • disputes about or contesting a will;
  • challenge the administration of an estate;
  • remove or substitute a personal representative i.e. an executor;
  • Claim under the Inheritance (Provision For Family Dependants) Act 1975 made on the estate where  insufficient provision or no provision was made under the Will or (if they died without leaving a Will) under the terms of their intestacy;
  • claim damages for any loss suffered by you caused by a professional who negligently drafted a Will or trust instrument.


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