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Asset Protection

ASSET PROTECTION: PENSION NOMINATIONS The Supreme Court decision in the case of Denise Brewster The right to receive a pension can be a valuable asset and it should not be overlooked by co-habiting couples. Couples often assume that because they are living together, their partner will be treated the same as a married person or civil partner. They assume on death their partner will receive survivor’s benefits from their pension. This is not always the case.  Everyone should check the terms of the pension to see if they need to nominate their partner and protect their pension asset. Had William McMullan made a nomination his partner...

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Co-habitation and the dentist’s toothless inheritance!

Co-habitation and the dentist’s toothless inheritance! Unmarried couples who live together often believe that they have an automatic right to inherit their partners’ estate. This is wrong and if you live with your partner you need to make a Will. This was recently seen in a case which Ms Joy Williams brought against Mrs Maureen Martin. Mrs Maureen Martin was married to a dentist called Norman Martin. They had two daughters together. However the marriage failed and Norman moved out of the matrimonial home but he never divorced Maureen. Maureen had the matrimonial home transferred into her name and she received the dental...

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